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Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe

Europe's most complete Camping Card is Camping Key Europe (CKE).

Camping Key Europe (CKE) is a new benefits/identity card and is recognised in camping sites and holiday parks across Europe. 

The CKE is family specific and grants its holders numerous benefits and discounts on accommodation and related services across Europe.
The Camping Key Europe card is jointly owned by the Scandinavian camping organisations and two of Europe's biggest motoring organisations,
ANWB in Holland and ADAC in Germany. This network started with a distribution of almost 1 million cards in 2012.

The new Camping Key Europe (CKE) card has been introduced in Ireland by the Irish Caravan and Camping Council for 2013. The CKE card can be used in 20 European countries and over 2,500 camping sites.


Complete freedom:

CKE card serves as a valid ID at campsites across Europe 

Your offers and discounts:

The CKE card entitles you to lots of great discounts and offers at attractions, visitor centre's, campsites, ferries, etc. throughout Ireland.

Your Card entitles you to connect to a large benefit program across Europe. You can find further information on international advantages and a list of all European offers at

Accident and third-party insurance

Camping Key Europe offers you liability insurance if you are not otherwise insured. The insurance covers damage and accidents for the card holder and his family (and up to 3 children under the age of 18). Full details can be found here. 

The Card is valid for this calendar year mentioned on the validity sticker. The Camping Key Europe is valid in all European countries and obligatory in the Scandinavian countries. The Card can be renewed at any of the participating camping sites that are members of the Irish Caravan & Camping Council, or online at The Card must be signed in order to be valid.

Buy your 2019 Camping Key Europe:

Price: €16.00 

Delivery time: When purchasing the card through our website, the delivery time is up 10 days.

You can purchase the 2019 card right away online here.

Period of validity of Camping Key Europe card

The card is valid for one calender year and will have a year label attached.

If you have a card from a previous year, you will need to buy a year label for €16.00 online or from a participating campsite.
Your card will then be valid for the rest of the calender year. The first time it will be possible to renew a card will be 2014.

Terms and Conditions

The card is valid for a family, single people, married or cohabiting couples, single parent with children under 18 and for groups
of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 people (school classes, scouts, etc) travelling together. The group leader must be over 18.

The Camping Key Europe includes supplementart liability insurance which covers damage or injury to third parties which is not covered
by the cardholders personal liability insurance or where no insurance is held.